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Every day, the president, vice-president, senators, congressional representatives and a variety of appointed government officials are asked to respond to questions about government projects and programs. In all but the most extraordinary cases, the inquiry is passed on to aides and assistants who have little choice but to respond with prepared stock answers.

If you ask one of them what they are doing about the POW/MIA issue, they will tell you:
"Everything we can."

Then they go back to the business of perpetuating the bureaucracy.

However, there is a better and more effective way to get their attention. Ask a more direct question that demands more than the expedient but lame, stock response. 


Dear Senator,

What is being done to determine the fate of SFC Robert J. Sullivan, of East Alstead, New Hampshire, who was last seen fighting just inside Laos in the extreme southeast portion of Savannakhet Province  on 12 July, 1967? No remains were ever found although there was an intensive search of the area later on, it was reported that he had been mortally wounded. There is no evidence that he was killed.

Please advise me of any action that is being taken by you or any other elected or appointed official to determine his fate.

In the event there is nothing being done, please explain why not, and tell me how you, personally, plan to correct this and prevent it from ever happening again.

With a question that detailed, they can't get away with the old stock answers. And in researching those answers, they may come to realize what a large segment of the Veteran Brotherhood has known for years...That we abandoned "Loyal American Citizens" in Southeast Asia, and that many of them could still be alive in captivity today!

Let's get those answers which are owed to the families, friends and ourselves.

We are a completely volunteer organization, veterans and non-veterans, using awareness, communication, education, legislation, and compassion to assuage the pain associated with one of the most devastating outcomes of service to one’s Country. As we honor POW/MIAs, returned and still waiting to come home, we aggressively pursue means to return the missing and protect those serving.
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